3 Critical Questions when Planning Your New Deck & Patio

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell is an award-winning deck builder and designer who specializes in urban decking, transforming cityscapes with his creative constructions. He is a second-generation deck builder.

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As winter starts to melt away and give way to the warmer months, we all start itching to get outside and enjoy our outdoor spaces. If you’re considering a new deck or patio this year, now is the time to start planning so you’re ready to go once the weather is willing to cooperate. Before you get in touch with deck and patio contractors, it’s helpful to have a good idea of what your goals are, along with a list of the things you must have and those you’d like to have if the timing and budget are right. Here are some questions to ask yourself to get started.

1. What Will You Use Your Deck or Patio For?
What you have in mind for your deck might be completely different from how another person might use theirs. For example, a family with young children may want a deck to use as an outdoor play area for small children and need to factor extra safety precautions while creating a design. Another may host big parties all summer long and want to have plenty of room for guests along with a cooking area that doesn’t exclude the chef from all the fun.

When you know what you want to use the area for, your deck and patio contractor will be better able to design one that’s just right for you. They will also be able to help you choose features and extras that you would like while avoiding some that may not be worth the added expense.

2. How Big Should it Be?
There are two factors to consider when thinking about how big you want your deck or patio to be. The first is the size and shape of your home and yard. In most cases, you want to create an outdoor space that’s proportional to the rest of your house. If you build it bigger than necessary, you’ll spend more than you need to and a huge deck may look awkward next to your home. If you go too small, it will be difficult to enjoy the space as intended.

The best way to size your deck or patio is to go back to how you want to use the area. Think about the furniture you’ll be using as well as other items such as a grill or counter area. Make sure you will have enough room for all the pieces without being too cramped or with too much unused space.

3. Where Will Your Deck or Patio Be Built?
One question your deck and patio contractor will want to know is where they should build. Much of this will be decided based on the layout of your home and the shape of your yard, but there are still some decisions for you to make. For example, do you want your deck to run the length of the back of the house, or offset to one side? Do you want your patio to be directly behind the back door, or a short way into the yard? Do you have a pool, garden, or other feature to be connected?

It’s also important to consider things like trees, shade, and other elements of the landscape. If you’ll be using the deck for sunbathing, avoiding trees might be preferred. If your kids will be playing outside in the afternoons, building under a large shade tree might be ideal.

Planning with Your Deck & Patio Contractor
If you’re not sure what the best answers to these questions are, don’t worry! The most important thing is knowing how you want to use your outdoor living space. Your deck and patio contractor will be able to help fill in the details and make some recommendations based on your needs and your home.

All our new deck and patio construction projects begin with a free, no-obligation estimate at your home. Our crew will always take the time to understand what you want to achieve, then review all the ways we can bring your dream deck or patio to life. To learn more or to get started, contact us today.