Tips for Personalizing Your Deck & Outdoor Spaces

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell is an award-winning deck builder and designer who specializes in urban decking, transforming cityscapes with his creative constructions. He is a second-generation deck builder.

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A deck or patio is more than just a place to spend time outdoors; your outdoor spaces should be extensions of your home. With a few personalization tips, you can transform your outside spaces so they match both your needs and your personality.

Coverings & Walls

Walls can serve as a way to gain privacy for your spaces, or shorter walls can help define the areas while doubling as extra seating. Lattice walls offer an elegant way to get some privacy without blocking too much light; sturdy stone or brick walls work perfectly for low boundaries or benches.

Adding a complete roof will protect from the harsh sun and can provide a structured appearance for a cooking or seating area while keeping everything dry. For a softer look, retractable awnings roll out when the sun is high and can be rolled back to enjoy the twilight. Pergolas are the perfect middle option: a bit of cover while still allowing plenty of light and air.

Furniture Options

One option is to include or add built-in furniture to your deck or patio. A cooking area built around a grill will transform the space from a simple place to cook food into an outdoor kitchen ready for entertaining. Whether you keep it simple with a few sturdy surfaces or go all-out and include running water and an enclosure for a small fridge, parties and family meals will be easier and more relaxing than ever.

Built-in benches that wrap around the edge of your space will provide structure to your deck or patio while offering plenty of places for guests to relax. Add a touch of comfort and style to your built-in furniture with complementing free-standing pieces. For example, consider tall stools to belly up to the built-in bar so guests can visit the cook. Cushions and throws will make a bench comfortable and attractive and are easily stored while not in use. Don’t forget to add a few lounge chairs for those times you’d like to sit out and soak up the sun.

Stains and Paints

Many homeowners stick to the classics and opt for staining the wood surfaces to protect them from the weather. More adventurous people might opt for tinted stains that come in virtually any color of the rainbow. Paint is another option for finishing your surfaces, and combining the two can provide custom, one-of-a-kind results.

The key to choosing the proper finish lies in what type of material your deck or railing is made from. Composite decking is very different from natural wood, for example, and needs a bit less maintenance. Talk to your installer to find out what finishes are best for your surfaces.

Landscaping & Lighting

Greenery breathes life into your outdoor spaces and flowers bring color and personality; both work together to anchor your outdoor living areas to the surrounding landscape and provide a smooth transition from the yard. Edging your deck or patio is not only beautiful, but it also helps to keep your lawn in check. Low bushes or returning perennials set into a mulched bed are great ways to add a defining edge.

Planters can either be built-in or added to railings and are perfect for growing herbs near the cooking area or adding a pop of fresh color that’s beautiful even from the indoors. If you’ve opted for a pergola or lattice wall, climbing vines or even climbing vegetables such as peas or cucumbers will add texture.

Lighting will help keep walkways safe after sunset while also highlighting some of your favorite areas. Ceiling lights are great for eating and cooking areas for widespread illumination while subtle ground lighting provides a soft glow without disrupting peaceful evenings. Lamp posts and lanterns add charm and personality; railing post lights are functional and beautiful.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Whether you’re starting from scratch and adding a new deck or patio to your home or need help bringing your current outdoor living area closer to the space of your dreams, we can help! From design and construction to landscaping and lighting, we’ll stay with your project from start to finish so you get exactly the results you want. To learn more, contact us today!