Levels and levels

Materials Used
Trex Transcend Decking (Gravel Path) Wesbury railing (Verti-Cable and Tuscany c-10)
Price Range


Levels and levels

This massive multi-level deck is located in St. John, Indiana. It offers a fantastic view of the backyard and treeline. The deck has several levels and platforms, which makes it fun when it comes to entertaining guests. There are so many areas to experience!

As you’re walking around across the herringbone patterns, you will find different types of built-in flower boxes, walls made from composite and stone, railings with a mix of cable and aluminum balusters custom colored to match, and stairs with lighting to make it shine at night.

Off to the side, on one level, is the pool. This area features custom curved aluminum railings and a concrete surface. No matter where you are in the outdoor living space, the stunning vistas of the golf course and the nature surrounding it take your breath away.

Multi-levels are only sometimes necessary, but it was the only way in this case. Although we had to use a lot of materials and employ a lot of skill and patience to bring this project to life, the result was worth it. Now, the family has a luxurious outdoor living space where beautiful memories will be made for years to come.