Why You Need a TrexPRO Deck Builder

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell is an award-winning deck builder and designer who specializes in urban decking, transforming cityscapes with his creative constructions. He is a second-generation deck builder.

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Trex is known for manufacturing composite, wood-alternative decking materials and installation products that are not only high-quality and made to last, but also beautiful and natural looking. As one of the most trusted manufacturers, Trex works hard to ensure the satisfaction of homeowners by screening and training contractors and installers so they use only best, most correct installation methods.

If you’re considering a new deck for your outdoor living space, you need a TrexPRO Deck Builder. Here’s why.

Methods Matter

Trex works hard to produce quality products for homeowners, and those products will only achieve long-lasting beauty and durability when installed properly. To ensure that high standards are met, Trex screens and hand selects only the best contractors to be a part of their TrexPro Platform, and then equips them with the knowledge and techniques to deliver exceptional installations to their clients.

What it Takes to Become a TrexPro

Becoming a TrexPro installer isn’t an easy process. Contractors are thoroughly vetted, trained, and inspected before receiving this distinguished designation. First, contractors must request an application and work with a Trex representative to provide proof of licensure and insurance coverage as required for the contractor’s state, county, and other government agencies.

Then, the contractor must attend informational sessions hosted by Trex to learn about the products, the processes, and customer service expectations held by Trex. Of course, seeing is believing so Trex requires contractors to build three decks using Trex products and all three must pass a strict inspection by a Trex representative.

Only after the third successful installation will a contractor receive their certification. The journey doesn’t end there as TrexPro contractors continue to have access to Trex professionals who can help with technical and general questions as well as ongoing training resources, product details, and demonstrations from other professionals.

Why Choose a TrexPro Deck Builder?

Using the best composite, wood-alternative materials is only the first step to achieve a beautiful deck that’s built to last. You also want an installer who knows how to design your outdoor spaces using mixed colors, custom inlays, curved railings, privacy walls, and other technical features to deliver a unique product. Then, you want the reassurance that your deck will be built using up-to-date methods and procedures.

Mitchell Construction is a TrexPro Gold installer, meaning our builders have completed advanced training on Trex products and installation methods beyond the minimum requirements. You can expect a high level of customer service, design expertise, and insight into using Trex products. To learn more or to get your project started, contact us today!